vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring

One of the types of soils that have become the most popular in recent years has been the vinyl flooring . As it is a versatile material, it is used in a wide variety of spaces, such as commercial establishments, homes and workplaces.

Thanks to its technical and aesthetic properties, vinyl flooring they have become an ideal option for those who want to opt for a design and functional flooring.

What is vinyl flooring?

The vinyl flooring It is a type of flooring made with polyvinyl chloride, also called PVC, the result of the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, a versatile derivative of plastic.

It is especially durable thanks to the different layers of which it is composed and has a thick and strong core to provide a comfortable feeling when stepping on it.

It is an innovative material that allows you to renew floors quickly, easily and extremely cleanly. The vinyl flooring It is an affordable and simple alternative to introduce innovative and current designs both at home and in public spaces.

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Characteristics of vinyl floors

Professionals in the sector are increasingly betting on versatile solutions that allow creating avant-garde spaces in the shortest possible time. This results in the introduction of the vinyl flooring in interior design.

The vinyl flooring features They stand out for their numerous advantages compared to other more traditional coatings.

  • – Vinyl floors make the installation of the flooring quick and easy with the main objective of facilitating the laying so that an ideal floor can be achieved with minimal effort, and in the shortest possible time. Click vinyl flooring is the way to install this type of flooring, which results in a strong and tight joint.
  • – Vinyl flooring adapts to all styles, since they are versatile floors that, in addition to being available in a wide color range, are resistant to scratches, stains and impacts. Also, vinyl flooring is perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas of homes.
  • Thanks to the tough protective layer on the surface of this product, vinyl floors not only look good but are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • – Vinyl flooring improves hygiene and makes it easier to maintain a clean home. The sealed surface prevents bacteria and helps reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you need.
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Vinyl flooring for any environment

Regardless of the style of the space, be it rustic or minimalist, finding the right vinyl flooring for each style will be an easy task.

Currently, the vinyl flooring present, on the one hand, the possibility of choose from countless different colors and patterns suitable for any environment, on the other, they are made up of high quality materials that will facilitate installation in any environment and will remain in very good condition for years.

The vinyl flooring they adapt to all tastes and designs, being one of the most sought after options among interior designers. If you need more information about the versatility and guarantees of vinyl floors, do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact Form.

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Vinyl kitchen flooring

Kitchens are usually very busy and exposed to all kinds of products and spills, so they require a resistant floor capable of withstanding the daily hustle and bustle. Choose a vinyl flooring for kitchen it is a smart decision and with a very satisfactory long-term result.

Bathroom vinyl flooring

The bathroom vinyl flooring It is one of the most demanded options in recent years. The possibility of integrating this room with the rest of the house and designing more welcoming spaces makes this type of coating an excellent alternative to traditional tile.

Living room vinyl flooring

In addition to being able to create a more natural pavement effect, the living room vinyl flooring they will help us to achieve a safe and stylish floor.

Vinyl flooring room

Comfort is of the utmost importance in bedrooms, which is why vinyl flooring room they are a winning bet that will provide a soft touch underfoot and will turn the space into a perfect resting place.

Vinyl flooring offices

The best choice for offices are vinyl flooring , since it is a resistant pavement and easy maintenance. Two qualities that are essential to keep floors clean with the least possible wear.